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All others have been placed in loving homes.

Maine Coon kittens may be reserved between 6-8 weeks and are released to new parents at approximately 14-16 weeks. Before departing, kittens are 100% litter box trained, successfully using a vertical scratching post, have had nails clipped, and been bathed/groomed. By 14 weeks, they have completed a series of relevant kittens FVRCP Vaccinations, received all preventative de-worming and appropriate Merial Purevax Rabies 1-year vaccine (the safest and most reliable). The equivalent cost of 3 to 4 vet visits at minimum go into the health provision of every Maine Coon kitten. If the mother of the litter of a kitten is faced with any problems, additional vet care is often a considerable expense absorbed by the ethical breeder, not tacked on as additional fees. Eye infections and intestinal bacterial infections are a reality sometimes in kitten rearing due to rowdy playing in litterboxes and poking each other in the eyes. In many cases if one kitten becomes ill, they may all have to be treated. All health issues requiring veterinarian care prior to placement are included in the adoption fee. Families who reserve a kitten are updated on the kittens’ progress as it develops, and photos are shared periodically.


By law, kittens placed within the State of FL must include an Official Intrastate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection pursuant to section 828.29 Florida Statutes . Out of State kittens receive an Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. Certification is executed on behalf of the buyer and guarantees the kitten has been tested and comprehensively examined, according to the requirements of the State, by a licensed veterinarian who certifies health and approves placement. Florida Statute 828.29 (9) states “an animal may not be determined unfit for sale on account of an injury or illness contracted AFTER the consumer takes possession of the animal.” No need to worry about hidden or undisclosed health issues before picking up, we also screen for ringworm and heartworms and have never had a case, nor Feline Leukemia or Aids. Certifications may be verified by calling our vet, Dr. Norm Griggs, DVM or Dr. Julia Whited, DVM (850) 926-1475.

Placement is DELAYED (or cancelled depending upon the diagnosis) if a serious health issue is discovered during health certification. RoyalLions reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time due to any health issue or if a person is deemed “unstable or unsuitable in caring for the kitten”, or if the environment in which they live poses a risk. The Breeder reserves the right to cancel the reservation of any kitten who develops into a Breeder/Show Quality Cat they would like to retain for the breeding program, the individual is moved to the top of the next available litter and their full deposit is returned. If you want to do your homework on us, veterinarian and owner references  are available on request; you may also visit our testimonial page (Hairy Tales) of “real” stories from our stellar families. We have many who have a number of our Maine Coons, the Moores in Sarasota have 4, Biddenbaughs of Lakeland have 4, Dr. Masiello in Tampa has 3, Donna Thomas in Chicago has 3, and the Sammits of Palm Beach have 8!!!

For inquiries regarding kittens feel free to reach out via email to royallions@comcast.net (preferred) or by phone (850) 443-9765 (weekdays)                                                          

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