Kings of the Castle 


IW, SGC RoyalLions Count Chocula 



Best Maine Coon Kitten 

4th Best AllBreed Kitten

Best Brown Ticked Tabby Maine Coon 


Best Maine Coon Kitten

Best AllBreed Kitten 


Sire: IW, SGC RoyalLions Count Blackula 

Dam: CH Broadsway Puma Girl of RoyalLions

DOB: 15 March 2016 | Brown Ticked Tabby

DNA Negative for HCM

Formally screened for HCM 12/13/19, 04/07/17, 12/28/18 & 12/13/19 via Echocardiogram at the University of Florida Veterinary Medical Center (Gainesville, FL).


We see the strong resemblance of his precious father, IW, SGC RoyalLions "Count Blackula". There's no way to possibly explain his disposition to those who don't know him but he reaches his front legs towards us, as far as he can stretch, as he sits up on his hind legs and head butts us enough to where we can't deny him of being picked up. Such a peaceful intimate creature demanding our attention and embrace. In 2017, he was The International Cat Association's #1 Maine Coon Kitten in the World, 1st in the Southeast Region, 4th Allbreed Internationally while being 8th best Maine Coon in the Adult Championship Class worldwide proves his substantial boning and excellence in structure and temperament. Like his father, he was a phenomenal show cat and traveler. It was wonderful to see the consistency of quality of this breeding line, both father and son, but also health and heart screening evaluations. 


IW, SGC Cloistercoon Graymoor of RoyalLions 



 7th Best Maine Coon Kitten 

23rd Best AllBreed Kitten 

Best Blue Silver Ticked Tabby Maine Coon


# Best Maine Coon Kitten

# Best AllBreed Kitten 


DNA Negative for HCM

Formally screened for HCM 11/18/16, 12/01/17, 12/28/18 & 12/13/19 via Echocardiogram at the University of Florida Veterinary Medical Center (Gainesville, FL).

Sire: OS, IW, SGC Coonificent Gizmo 

Dam: CH Broadsway Novena of Cloistercoon 

DOB: 8 October 2015 | Blue Silver Ticked Tabby

IW, SGC Cloistercoon "Graymoor" of RoyalLions is our beloved outcross from the Hudson River. After flying home with us from New York, he soon entered the show circuit running behind a month and yet amazingly still became an internationl winner via an intense show campaign that took him all over the United States. He is the son of LA, IW, SGC Coonificent Gizmo of Cloistercoon X CH Broadsway Novena, a close relative to Redford and Tarzanna, two of our most beloved senior cats. The pursuit of retaining their lines led me to a good friend David Billingsley who we coined as "the Maine Coon Breeder of All Time". Since, he has retired but his knowledge in genetics and typing is unsurpassed. We are quite grateful he shared this beautiful boy with us who has proven to be cream of the crop in terms if size, typing, and disposition. Graymoor thinks he earned his name because he is "more Gray" but I have told him, "No, no Graymoor, you are named after the beautiful Graymoor Mission across the Hudson River where you were born!" He shakes his head side to side in a silly manner and just head butts me as if he's saying whatever mom!! 

Graymoor professional.jpg
Baby Graymoor.jpg

Broadsway Popo Chan of RoyalLions


And Cats as well as Kings like flattery.

One day, when Mark Twain was about to enter a room, two kittens came running up. Twain opened the door, bowed to the cats and said, “Walk in, gentlemen, I always give precedence to royalty.”  

Robert Southey


Sire: RW, SGC Mainelyclassic Night Owl  

Dam: Mainelyclassic Saki of Broadsway

DOB: 11 May 2013 | Red Silver Classic Tabby

DNA Negative for HCM

Formally screened for HCM 05/30/14, 07/17/15, 07/01/16, 04/07/17, 12/28/18 & 12/13/19 via Echocardiogram at the University of Florida Veterinary Medical Center (Gainesville, FL).

Popo Chan (who we refer to as (Popo Chan the Biscuit Man) is a Puff Monster! We know Maine Coons are often referred to in a more dignified manner, but Popo is too cute to be so restrained in describing the Royal Puffness. Popo was to be placed as a Pet by Broadsway Cats, until the prospective owner was deemed unstable for adoption. We happened to be looking for a high-quality outcross. When we saw his photos, we knew he was the man with all the makings the grandest of Lions, we actually insisted he was BREEDER / SHOW QUALITY and offered more than pet price to guarantee we’d have him in our program. We found his length of muzzle a great attribute to our program, his big boning and nice pedigree was a big plus. Obviously, the Puffster had a fabulous coat which would be harder to maintain but who cares with such a magnificent boy, we were willing to be a slave to this creature and groom past midnight just to have this beauty in our home. He has fabulous tall ears, very similar to Puma Girl, and an elegant profile. Most importantly, his disposition is totally charming. When we come home, and he sees us, he stands on his tippy toes and starts puffing up while making biscuits. The Puff Chef gets twice as big as his normal size. He appears as if he might just blow up as we stand in awe. In honor of his incredible solid black father RW, SGC Mainelyclassic NIGHT OWL bred by Rae Sammis , we named Popo Chan after an Owl popular in Japan also known as the Northern White-faced Owl (Ptilopsis leucotis) which is a species of owl in the Strigidae family, who in a defense response blows up massively when confronted by a predator. When Popo was to be named, I haphazardly googled owls that puff, we were shocked to find a match. Puff truly is magical in his ability to "puff" but also in how he loves everyone, he is just pure Puff Magic! We have no doubt Popo could have easily been a phenomenal show cat and meets the standards and disposition of the breed with excellence but due to family issues, we were not able to show him the year he was acquired. Our plans are possibly to show him in the alter class upon retirement. So far, the litters he has sired have had consistent beauty, coat, and amazing dispositions. Popo Chan the Biscuit Man is the finest Chef and we are very proud we saw the potential of this beauty including being the greatest Master Chef we have known; his biscuits are to die for!